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An Interview from empress_miyu

1.Do you write in a journal, real life one, not LJ?

I do.   When I'm extremely upset or need to talk myself out of feeling a certain way, I'll grab one of my (many, many) journals and just write, write, write.  It's a calming experience, and it really helps.  I've kept paper journals since I was 12... it's funny to read what I wrote all those years ago and to see all the silly things that were "oh so important" to me at the time. 

For some reason, my family always gets me journals as presents.  It's their default action when it comes to birthdays and such!  It's actually come to a point where I have to say "No journals! I have enough!"  Although, I still don't mind getting them.

2. Favorite celebrity as of right now?

Agh! Favorites!  I just cannot choose a favorite anything.   (However, I am really shamelessly into the whole celeb scene.)  But for the sake of this question, I'll say  Ewan McGregor and Anne Hathaway oh and David Beckham and Christina Ricci.   *Disclaimer:  Subject to change at any given moment at the whim of the writer.

3. Favorite movie?

Agh! Agh!  Um..... ummmmmm........I'll say Pride and Prejudice, but I'm a bit tired of it at the moment.  So I'll pick... The King and I... no, Interview with a Vampire... no, The Man in the Iron Mask... no, Big Business... no, What Dreams May Come...

4. Do you like fancy jewelry or do you think money is better spent on other things?

I've a bit of bad luck with jewelry.  I adore it, but I always seem to lose it, or break it, and have a terrible time being careful with it.  (or with things in general.)  Wearing a lot of jewelry makes me feel unnatural.  I'll take a bare neck over a diamond encased one any day...  wait, did I just type that?!

5. If you could live in another time, what would it be?

I'd love to live in the Regency Period and have decorum and propriety and all those other nice things ingrained into me from childhood. Plus the full skirts and the corsets, the hair and the accessories, the balls and afternoon teas... it would be amazing.

 Haha, however, since I would have been from the Philippines, I'd be a little island girl running around in a grass skirt and coconut shells.  Hey, that doesn't sound so bad either.


I'd like to interview someone if anyone wants one!  And if anyone else wants to interview me, I'd love that, too. :)


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